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Autumn Eyecare Tips

Autumn eyecare tips

From your wardrobe and after-work plans to your eyes and everything in between, a new season always requires a lot of adjusting. Waving goodbye to the long summer days and saying hello to the shorter and darker autumn season, plus those itchy, dry eyes aren’t always easy.

Autumn often brings along an uninvited guest we could all do without hay fever. Between brown leaves falling and blasts of wind, your eyes don’t get time to breathe. But, equally, not looking after your eyes correctly in the cold weather can also cause them to dry out. So here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable through the autumnal months. Here is my list of autumn eye care tips.

Always put your sunglasses on in Autumn to protect your eyes

As the temperature drops and the summer sun appears lower with cloudy grey skies, our eyes are still at risk of damage from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses are necessary for all seasons.

How to take care of dry eyes during Autumn?

With autumn breezes may come itchy, irritated and watery eyes. That may exacerbate conditions like dry eye. Therefore, it is important to keep your eyes moist and healthy throughout this season. As the weather becomes colder, the air is dryer. It is recommended to pick up some over the counter eye drops to relieve your eyes. Therefore, you may also consider applying a warm compress to your eyelids.

Protect your eyes against Allergens and Irritants

As the leaves fall, allergens like pollen, mould and dust are more likely to be around. However, you can minimise your exposure to airborne allergens by frequently washing your hands, keeping your home and floorings clean, never putting your hands directly to your eyes and driving with the windows closed.

Wear protective eyeglass while gardening

Gardening in autumn may involve raking and blowing leaves. This may cause plant material to enter your eyes. To avoid eye conditions like fungal keratitis, be sure to wear protective eyewear. Also, if you are a contact lens wearer, make sure you always disinfect them after doing any gardening.

In conclusion, autumn eye allergies, including symptoms of dryness and irritation, appear to be common during this season. Therefore, we recommend visiting an ophthalmologist to maintain your eye health and detect any underlying eye conditions.

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