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How To Detect If Your Child Is Short-Sighted?


Another medical term for short-sightedness is myopia. It is a prevalent eye condition that makes it difficult to see objects in the distance. This occurs due to the shape of the eye, including the lens of the eye (cornea). However, this results in far-away objects appearing blurry or unfocused. You might have experienced it yourself, where you find yourself squinting to focus better on something in the distance.

Is Short-Sightedness (Myopia) Hereditary?

Short-sightedness in children is caused by genetics or inherited. However, if both parents have short-sightedness or myopia, it is more likely that they will develop myopia. However, other factors, such as environment and lifestyle, also play a role. Therefore, with adequate steps, you can reduce the effects of short-sightedness.

Myopia in children may appear around 6-7 years of age; early detection will help curb the vision problem.

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Diagnosing Short-Sightedness In Children

The exact cause for short-sightedness in children is unknown, but certain factors may increase their risk. For example, researchers have suggested that little outdoor exposure could be one of its factors at a young age. Also, spending long hours concentrating on close-up objects might increase the risk of becoming myopic.

You can encourage your child to spend more time outdoors and have their protective glasses on. First, however, ensure they take breaks from activities such as reading or playing games on a tablet. This could be a challenge in our digitally-driven world, but it could make a difference.

Short-sightedness can be diagnosed through a routine eye examination. However, if you notice any change in your child’s vision or behavior, it is essential to take them to visit an optometrist.
Uncorrected myopia in children can sometimes lead to more severe eye conditions, but this is rare. More often than not, simple changes such as wearing the right glasses can provide the necessary treatment to manage short-sightedness. Whatever the severity of myopia your child may have, it is easy to correct through wearing the right lenses. Glasses for short-sightedness are a very straightforward solution to help manage myopia.

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