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7 Guides to Caring for Your Eyeglasses

Welcome, glasses aficionados, to the ultimate guide on how to take care of your special eyeglasses. At Chadderton Opticians, a little TLC goes a long way in maintaining the clarity and longevity of your eyewear. So, grab your spectacles and dive into a fun-filled adventure of eyeglass care that will keep your peepers peeping in style.

Keep it clean and shiny:

The first rule of eyeglass care is to keep your lenses squeaky clean. For a streak-free shine, gently rinse your glasses with lukewarm water and use a mild soap or lens cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, which can damage the lens coatings. Remember, a 

clean lens means crystal-clear vision.

Handle with care:

Treat your glasses like a delicate treasure. Always use both hands when taking them on or off. Avoid placing your eyeglasses face down, as it can cause scratches. Instead, keep them in a sturdy case to shield them from accidental bumps and scratches.

Beware of the cloth:

Microfiber cleaning cloths are your glasses’ best friend. They’re gentle on the lenses and effectively remove smudges. Avoid your shirttail or tissues, which may contain rough fibres that can scratch the lens surface. So, whip out that trusty cloth and give your glasses a buff.

Say no to heat and moisture:

There are better matches than eyeglasses and extreme temperatures. Avoid leaving them in hot cars, steamy bathroom counters, or near stovetops, as heat can warp the frames or damage lens coatings. Similarly, when facing a rainy day, shield your glasses with an umbrella to prevent water spots. Remember, a cool and dry environment is the key to keeping your glasses happy.

Steer clear of chemicals:

While caring for your glasses, watch out for cleaning products that can spell disaster. Keep your eyewear away from hair sprays, perfumes, or harsh household chemicals, which can damage the lens coatings and cause discolouration. Your glasses deserve a chemical-free zone.

Regular adjustments:

Like a good pair of shoes, your glasses might need occasional adjustments to maintain a comfortable fit. If your glasses feel loose, visit your friendly optician for a tune-up. They have the magic touch to tighten those screws and ensure a snug fit, letting you easily conquer the world.

Handle sports with care:

You can rock your glasses while engaging in sports or physical activities. Invest in specialised sports frames or goggles. They offer extra protection and a secure fit.

Congratulations, eyeglass connoisseurs, you are now equipped with the knowledge to keep your glasses in tip-top shape! By following these simple steps, you’ll enjoy clear vision, scratch-free lenses, and a longer lifespan for your stylish eyewear. Remember, Chadderton Opticians is here to provide professional care and assistance whenever needed. So, enjoy the world through your sparkling lenses, and keep those glasses happy.

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