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How to Choose Lenses for Your Eyeglasses?

As much as everyone likes to pick the right frame for their face, the lenses are the most important part of the glasses. Not every lens fits properly in every frame as there are varieties of lenses with different weights and sizes. Below is how to choose the best lenses for your eyeglasses of the three different types of eyewear frames.

At what age are children allowed to wear contact lens

Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eyes. They are ocular prosthetic devices used by over 150 million people worldwide. These medical devices worn directly on the eyes' cornea can help correct refractive errors. Therefore, it also performs this function by adding or subtracting focusing power to the eye's cornea and lens.

Cleaning your eyeglasses daily is the best way to keep them looking great, which will prevent the lens from scratching.If you wear eyeglasses, you probably recognize how irritating it is to have dirt, grit, or grease stuck on the lenses.And beyond being annoying, it can cause eye strain and headaches

Transition lenses go beyond ordinary clear prescription lenses, as they seamlessly adapt from completely clear indoors to dark outdoors in response to changing lighting conditions. All transition lenses provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as filter harmful blue light from both indoor and outdoor sources.