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Reading and Computer glasses – The Difference

Are reading glasses and computer glasses the same


Computer glasses are not recommended for reading, and reading glasses are not usually recommended for using a computer.  Reading can be stressful to the eyes, especially to individuals above 40years of age, sometimes below that. This stress can, at times lead to headache or a pinchy feeling between the nose or maybe blurred vision and more.

These are common eye strain symptoms you get from reading or staring at a computer screen and other digital devices for a very long time. As the case may be, some glasses are dedicated to reducing these eye strains of reading. But knowing that some people read on papers while some read on computers and other mobile devices leads to the main question; “Are reading glasses and computer glasses the same?” Well! Let’s have an understanding of both.


A lady reading a newspaper

What are the reading glasses?

These are glasses with features that relieve eye strain or correct vision from either near or far objects. They are basically 3 types of reading glasses.

First, we have the “Single-vision reading glasses” which are specifically made to read close objects, you have to remove them to view things that are a bit far away. Moreover, not everyone likes the idea of putting on and removing glasses frequently as it may be stressful. However, that’s what leads to the second type of reading glasses: the “Bifocal lens”. A bifocal lens is a single lens containing two different optical features. The distance correction feature is at the top half of the lens while the near vision correction is at the bottom half.

Lastly, we have the “Progressive Lens” otherwise known as the multifocal lens. This type of lens is another popular choice for people of 40years above. Simply adjusting your heads position lets you see and read things from near to far and everything within.

Here’s a graphical illustration of the above:

Types of lenses


Blue light eyeglass

Like reading glasses, computer glasses are also made to relieve eye strain while looking or reading objects on a computer screen or objects about your computer screen (20inches or 50cm mostly).  However, the computer eyeglasses with blue light blocking lenses are a good example of glasses made for reading on screen.

Reading glasses and Computer glasses can be very similar. Many people with little or no eye problems use over the counter computer glasses as reading glasses. Looking at reading glasses like the Bifocal or Multifocal lenses can be used to read objects, whether far or close, whether on a paper or screen. In conclusion, the whole point of having these glasses is to relieve eye strain based on individual need.

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