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Benefits of Progressive Lenses

As professional opticians, we recommend progressive lenses also called multifocal lenses for eyewear needs. These lenses offer numerous benefits, including improved vision at all distances, a more natural and seamless transition between prescriptions, and eliminating the need for multiple glasses.

Types of Progressive Lenses

The most important aspect of progressive lenses is fit. Your glasses need to feel right and function well for your needs. Progressive lenses come in a variety of styles, including:

  • Computer
  • Premium
  • Ground-view
  • Standard
  • Short corridor
  • Transition

Benefits of  multifocal lenses

One of the main advantages of multifocal lenses is the ability to see clearly at all distances, whether reading a book up close or looking out into the distance. In addition, with multifocal lenses, the prescription gradually changes from the top of the lens to the bottom, allowing for a smooth transition between spaces.

Unlike traditional bifocal lenses, multifocal lenses have no visible line separating the different prescriptions, providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This can be particularly important for those who want to maintain a more youthful and modern look.

Another benefit of progressive lenses is that they can eliminate the need for multiple glasses. Instead, with progressive lenses, you can have one pair of glasses that can be used for various tasks, including reading, working on the computer, or driving.

Multifocal lenses also offer a wider field of vision compared to traditional bifocal lenses. With traditional bifocals, wearers must tilt their heads up or down to see different distances clearly, which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. With multifocal lenses, wearers can move their eyes up or down to see further distances clearly, without adjusting their head position.

Another advantage of multifocal lenses is that they can be customised to fit various frame styles and shapes. This means you can choose from multiple frame options, from classic and traditional to modern and trendy, without sacrificing the benefits of progressive lenses.

At Chadderton Opticians you don’t just get eye care but a better eye care experience while we Keep up you up to date with 2023 eyewear trends.

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