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Eyecare Tips For Winter

winter eyecare

Three Critical Factors in Winter Affect Vision

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, we tend to spend more time indoors. Unfortunately, this can put a strain on our eyes, which can lead to fatigue and other problems. This article will examine some of the best eyecare tips for winter.

Dry Air

Winter is a time that temperatures drop and everywhere turns cold. As a result, the air holds a minimal amount of atmospheric humidity. About 99% of the eyes’ surface is made up of water, and since the air is cold and lacks much moisture, like naturally warm air, it quickly dehydrates and irritates your eyes.

UV Reflections

Some may think UV comes from the sun, which is when you barely see the sun. Well, that’s true, but UV rays can also reflect on snow and other metal objects. Though it may not always lead to sunburn, it also contains the same radiation that can harm your eyes.

Artificial Warm Air

Cold, dry air is a problem, but what’s a bigger problem is the heated, dry air indoors. Warm, dry air can upset your eyes and cause more irritation and dry eyes than the cold air outside. Moreover, the air that circulates indoors for a long may contain ambient skin flora and other bacteria, which are all dehydration factors.

So with all these winter factors, you must be thinking, “how can I keep my eyes safe during winter?” Well, below are some helpful tips to keep your eyes fit during winter

Eye Care Tips For Winter

Maintain Your Moist Eyes

The weather gets dry, and the temperature grows cold at this time of the year. An excellent way to keep a pair of moist eyes is by having a humidifier at home and office. Humidifiers can improve the dry winter air at home/office and prevent you from having dry eyes. In addition, you can make use of artificial tears.

However, if you experience dry eyes, artificial tears lubricant ointments are an excellent remedy for you this season. They help moisturise the eyes and reduce quick evaporation. In addition, they increase comfort and can be easily found over the counter in almost every pharmacy.

Wear Sunglasses

Your unique sunglasses are not made for summer alone. Reflections from snow and other metal objects can also harm your eyes. Good sunglasses shield your eyes against the sun and UV rays. However, some may think the temperature is down, so it’s time to drop the glasses. 

Well, whether sunny or not, UV rays can reach your eyes in any season and can lead to severe damage to your eyes. Therefore, wearing good glasses is an essential tip you should make a habit in summer, autumn, and every other season.

 Stay Hydrated

Dry eyes become almost every day in this season. Try taking extra fluids during autumn; it will help your eyes retain moisture. Often blink when spending time on digital screens or reading. This also has an impact on keeping your eyes hydrated.

Wear Protective Goggles

Skiing, ice skating or playing in the snow? Is there any activity that doesn’t have protective goggles? Ensure you wear the appropriate protective goggles for every exercise you do in winter.

Enjoy The Friendly Season’s Food

There are so many foods to enjoy during this time of the year. So have some bites of apples; check out those fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins C and A. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients. So enjoy the taste and let your eyes enjoy the benefits.

Remember, a regular eye examination is critical to ensure your eyes are healthy so you can have a fun holiday. So please book an appointment with us. We wish you a happy holiday.

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