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How To Take Care of Your Eye For Every Season?

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

To prevent eye damage, you need eye protection throughout the different seasons; each season comes with certain features that could cause damage to the eye. Let’s look at the four major seasons, how they can harm the eyes and which type of eyeglasses you need to avoid those damages.

Four major seasons:


In winter, we protect ourselves from cold and flu; well, that’s not the only thing to protect the body from. Wintertime is mostly dry, the humidity is very low, and due to that, the tears in our eyes evaporate much faster, which is not healthy for our eyes. Some people consider buying a humidifier while indoors, which is a good option, but we can’t walk with humidifiers outdoors. 

Some glasses are made suitable to help reduce how fast the eyes dry up during this period of the year.

There are two classes of winter glasses that are worthy of our day to day outdoor activities during this period of the year. First, we have the glasses with face wrap around them to prevent the eyes from the wind coming from the side, whether from a fan, window or furnace.


Eyeglasses for winter

The second option is the moisture goggles, also known as the moisture chambers that contains a silicone eyecup insert on the frame, and these glasses are also the best for people that work in an office with a vent above them, the silicone insert on the frame will prevent air from reaching the eyes from any angle. 

Moisture goggles


Sunshades for Summer

Sunglasses should be part of our everyday activity routine during the summer. Like going to the beach to relax on a sunny day or maybe just taking a walk outside, you should consider sunglasses with UV coatings to protect the eyes from UV rays and glare, leading to great damage to the eye. Also, driving for instance; a car’s windscreen offers very little protection from UV rays and glare that can damage the eyes, protective summer eyewear is needed for safety.


Eyeglasses for spring season

This season after winter, before summer, when the weather usually turns warmer, plants begin to grow again, flowers grow, and the pollen will be at its worst on windy days. The daylight stays longer than night; that means spending more time outdoors. Glasses with face wrap or silicone eyecup insert are the best for protection against the pollens or any dust that could easily reach the eye’s surface from any angle. These glasses should contain UV coatings for protection against UV rays and glare from the sun.


Eyeglasses for autumn

The autumn season can be a bit complicated because it’s the year that converts summer into winter. The temperature grows cold in this season, and yet the sun still shines. Basically, you should consider glasses with UV coatings that’ll protect the eyes from UV rays and reduce how fast the tears in the eyes evaporate like some of the glasses you can rock during winter(with UV coating). At this time of the year, the nights get longer and darker, so you might want to consider a Night Driving Lens for safety.

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