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How to Adjust Your Eyeglasses?

How to Adjust Your Eyeglasses?


Have you ever used glue on your glasses or even a sellotape? Yes?

I guess it must have been a desperate moment to get your eyeglasses fixed before you can take them to a professional. Well, what if I tell you that you can fix your eyeglasses yourself and it will look just as perfect! However, misalignment of eyeglasses is something common to everyone who wears glasses. It could be due to minor day-to-day accidents that occur, like dropping or sitting on your eyeglasses, and sometimes overuse of these glasses can cause natural deformation.

On another account, eyeglasses can feel loose or tighter on the face, depending on whether they are new or old! The pandemic is also a reason to learn how to adjust our eyeglasses due to the lockdown periods we face. So in this article, you will find helpful links that will show you how-to, depending on what issues you might have faced with your eyeglasses!

Here are links that lead to articles and video tutorials on how to adjust your eyeglasses.

How Do You Adjust Your Eyeglasses?

At AC lens: They categorized each problem or misalignment with information on how you can carefully fix your eyeglasses using a few handy tools.

How To Adjust Your Glasses At Home?

At Eyeglasses.com: also helps see how we can adjust our eyeglasses that have been misaligned or feel uncomfortably loose or tighter on our face.

I noticed that when it comes to practical steps like these that help adjust your eyeglasses, sometimes reading how-to can get a bit overwhelming. Not to worry much over that, because at a point I was a bit confused too! This is why I had to get videos that put me even better at adjusting eyeglasses at home. One advantage of having to be able to this at home is the present pandemic we are facing. It saves a lot to adjust your eyeglasses at the comfort of your home without taking the risk of going out to see a professional.

At Martin Eye Tips: Martins is a qualified optometrist who, through his channel, gives great eye tips. However, in this video, he specifically teaches how to adjust eyeglasses from home!

At MakeIt101:This video also shows how to fix broken frames with common household items.

At Doctor Eye Health: Here, Dr Allen helps and guides on adjusting eyeglasses using simple home items!

Lastly, is this article written by Chris Day, an Optician at Wikihow

He also explains in steps metal and plastic frame adjustments and adjusting crooked glasses!

According to Wikihow, there are general steps in adjusting your frames, and these steps are:

  1. Make minor adjustments
  2. Avoid snapping
  3. Take Precautions
  4. Learn about your frames
  5. Know when to give up
  • (Wallace, 2021)

One peculiar thing about the tutorial videos and articles is that they buttress on going to a professional if it is easier than repairing yourself. But, we know times have changed, and becoming handier on these things will be a plus! I hope you find the links on this article useful!

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